How Rockingham manages circuit noise

Rockingham has a noise monitoring system around the circuit. monitor_screen

This comprises monitors on the North and the South perimeter fences. The two points are used to determine the type of day as detailed below.

Noise Categories

Day typeEvent typePermitted days per year
Type 1bNormal road car. Car manufacturer new model launchunlimited number
Type 1aTuned-up road car. Track days/club race weekends60
Type 2British Touring Car. British Touring Cars or F3 racing/testing24
Type 3Suitable for race vehicles with no noise restrictions such as F14

Noise Control Plan

Rockingham has a Noise Control Plan agreed with the local community to manage the noise levels at the circuit.

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Track Activity

The events list is updated every Friday and details the expected noise levels for all events currently booked for the next three months.

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