The learning Experience

Learn about what we do and the way we do it

At Rockingham we know that just visiting the circuit can inspire people to learn new things. This obviously includes learning about motor sport, but perhaps more importantly the Rockingham Learning Experience offers a wide range of opportunities beyond motor sport for participants to develop their skills and learn about themselves.

The Rockingham 3 E’s – Engagement, Entertainment and Education represent the key objectives of our fuller curriculum and the Rockingham Education Project (REP) develops and delivers a range of exciting activities, often working with others to meet shared objectives.

The curriculum promotes Rockingham as an ‘Open Class room’ and includes covering such things as general education, employability and enterprise, road safety and casualty reduction, the core STEM subjects, green engineering and leisure activities.

Through our Community Engagement, the REP is working to offer a range of activities at Rockingham that will ensure the whole community will get greater access to its fantastic facility.

The Future

The Enterprise Education Foundation (EEF) will be leading developments and providing:

– Core Education: working with schools and colleges to offer programmes focusing on such things as employability, enterprise and volunteering.

– Specific events: one off eventsthat are often developed with partners to focus on specific topics of interest or concern.

– Training and conferences:  the skills and facilities at Rockingham will enable us to develop and provide a range of training events and conferences.If you are interested in talking about any of these areas of education then please contact the EEF on 01536 270030.

Enterprise Education Foundation

The Enterprise Education Foundation (EEF) is a not for profit organisation that aims to promote and provide innovative educational opportunities for people of all ages, predominantly specialising however in activities aimed at children and young people aged between 11 – 25 years. This is achieved through creating the right atmosphere and using unique working environments where young people can develop a clear vision of their future and start to climb the ladder towards achieving their aspirations.

The EEF has an overview of all education provision at Rockingham and provides support to other two other education providers that use the Rockingham site.