Road Risk Reduction (R³) is becoming a buzz phrase in the driving industry.
Given vastly increased numbers of road users, driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things we do as individuals. R3Rockingham aims to reduce this risk with hands-on training courses for all drivers, using real-life experiences in a safe and controlled environment.
A solid, memorable and correct foundation of attitude and skills is essential for a safe, long-term driving life. Unlike assessment based training,  R3Rockingham goes beyond this to capture the heart and minds of participants by providing measurable training, showing achievement, development and progression.
CHANGING attitudes towards driver training needs could not only help reduce the financial burden placed on company budgets but more importantly potentially save the lives of their employees.
Every company should therefore strive to provide the best possible driver training to reduce the risk and one solution now available would be to attend a professional course based at Rockingham.
In partnership with the circuit, R3Rockingham runs four different courses including Car Control & Eco Clinic aimed at those who have a duty of care to their employees such as fleet managers as well as those whose vehicles are their workplace.
The half-day course offers both theory and practical advice to reduce the risk of involvement in a road traffic incident by changing driver behaviour, promoting road safety and teaching safer driving techniques which can be used in everyday life to save lives and fuel.
Although not mandatory, participants are encouraged to use their own car on the course for a more realistic experience and to gain a better understanding of how their vehicle behaves in dangerous conditions helping to develop instinctive survival skills.
The course is split into three sections – Workshop, Wet Grip and Road Driving.
Managing Director of R3Rockingham Steve Lewis, said: “Although there are a number of existing training packages available, the majority of these are more assessment than training and cannot offer the practical hands-on experience we can, which results in truly capturing hearts and minds.
“The unique Rockingham Wet Grip facility is a safe environment for drivers to learn how easy and quickly it is to lose control of their vehicle, and provides the perfect classroom to learn the practical skills to help them avoid this happening on a public road.
“Participants should leave R3Rockingham with improved attitudes, observation and vehicle handling skills, as well as have a greater understanding of vehicle technology and accident avoidance techniques. This course will ensure participants drive more safely and economically in everyday life and will pay for itself as it will not only save on average seven per cent on their fuel bills but also avoid the added cost of an expensive insurance claim.”
Places on a Car Control & Eco Clinic cost £199 per person. For more information on all the driver training courses available at Rockingham, visit or contact Steve Lewis at