Learn2drift brings the awesome grassroot motorsport of drifting to Rockingham with its very own drift school.

L2D Drift School offers participants the chance to learn the art of drifting in a safe but extremely fun environment. There are various levels of experiences using the L2D school cars however depending on levels of competence, participants can get behind the wheel of a real competition car!

The L2D drivers, along with a host of others from different series throughout Europe, will be on hand to pass on the art and skill required to control and hold a drift for a period of time, while providing the buzz and adrenalin rush drivers get during competitions.

Minimal requirements:

• To be able to drive a manual car, and the ability to operate a clutch.
• Driving licence *Proof will be required on the day*, *Card part only

For more information or to book a place please email info@learn2drift.co.uk or call 07972 276242. Alternatively visit www.learn2drift.com