The Spring Matsuri returns to Rockingham over the weekend of March 11/12.

The infield is ultra high speed and rewards the brave! The Oval will offer an exclusive layout only used at the Spring Matsuri. The concrete blocks on the pit exit are moved to allow drivers to drift into the pit lane. The rear of the Oval will be changed from the regular track used at Rockingham Drift Days. Use of the inner and outer walls will transform the layout.

For 2017 there will be a fourth track in operation on Saturday. The Outer Paddock will be exclusive for those who wish to practice twinning and proximity drifting. Whether it’s your first time drifting or you have been drifting for years, this is the track for you. This will be sold as a different ticket for those with a tighter budget and those who wish to practice twinning and proximity rather than high speed drifting the other parts of the Matsuri offer.

Off track entertainment will include, radio controlled drift cars, a BMX half pipe featuring the Webbie show and evening entertainment.

Tickets go on sale SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12 at 8pm. For more information visit